Thame Remembers

Is that it?

So, it’s all over and we can file everything away, archive the pictures and the memories and pat ourselves on the back for a job well done – or can we?

Certainly, having achieved our objective and beyond, the pressure is now off but the interest in learning and experiencing yet more will remain.

We hope that many Thame families will make a point of visiting CWGC cemeteries and memorials when abroad and some of the Thame Remembers team are already planning a visit to Verdun in the spring.

We will keep the website up to date with anything new and, indeed, we are still being contacted from all over the world and accumulating yet more information and artefacts.

There is a temptation to continue research, as new data becomes available, to which we will undoubtedly yield as we are keen to find out what we can about some of those who served and survived. We also hope that future generations will pick up where we have left off, and there are many stories yet to be explored and shared, so this may not be the last Thame Remembers newsletter.

Our communications may not be as prolific and regular as they have been but don’t be surprised to find the occasional update.

And finally – thank you, people of Thame, you’ve done us proud.