Thame Remembers

New names for the War Memorial

We have mentioned in the past that we have found additional names that we think should be present on the War Memorial and we have started the process towards achieving that.

A special working group of Town Councillors has reviewed and verified our research and has agreed that another thirty men should be commemorated at a future date, though the how, when, and who pays have yet to be determined.

We shall shortly be meeting with the Town Council to consider the options and, as the War Memorial is a Grade 2 listed structure, to start obtaining the necessary permissions.

As a target we are aiming to have the work completed to coincide with centenary of the original unveiling by David Lloyd George in 1921.

Most of the work for repair and restoration will be funded by the Town Council but how to fund the new plaque or plaques cannot be finalised until the costs are known.

Thame Remembers have some funds remaining so we hope to contribute in some way.